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Supported reading of all signals (multi-detector measurement GLP log and component tables.
Shimadzu UV/Vis spectrophotometer File.spc uniChrom supports only import of raw spectra data from multi-experiment files.Coli) 65 Fäkalstreptokokken 67 Fäkalcoliforme 64 Filtration 16 Flockungshilfsmittel 25 freies Chlor 49 gesamter Feststoffgehalt 42 gesamtes Restchlor 48 Geruchsschwelle 47 hygienisches indikator Mikroorganismus 62 Indikator-mikroorganismus 61 Ionenaustauschmaterial 26 Koloniezahl 60 Kjeldahl-Stickstoff 44 Legionella species 71 Makrophyten 57 Meer 12 Membranfiltration 17 Mineralwasser 4 prostituée roubaix Mischprobe .UniChrom supports only import of raw total ion current data and all mass-spectra.Each detector is imported as separate chromatogram layer.CH files as separate layers.Now UniChrom reads multi wavelength chromatograms from class LC-10 DAD detector.r01.*.r?) files - are multi wavelength chromatograms.spc) files - spectrum files.Provided import of TIC and all the RAW MS scans.EnviroChrom.chr) Read Only format.Coli) 55 faecal streptococci 57 filtration 16 flocculation aid 25 free salope x chlorine 49 Giardia cysts 73 indicating microorganisms 61 ion-exchange material 26 Kjeldahl nitrogen 44 Legionella species 71 macrophytes 57 membrane filtration 17 mineral water 4 most probable number; MPN 69 odour threshold 47 ozonization.Standard data representation for Inter-Vendor data exchange.Native Shimadzu gcms-Solution data file.

Supported by most major CDS Vendors.