Thank you' is bad, but the worst has to be pipi coquin 'thank you?' stated as a question, dragged out in an awkward way, so their response is actually more like, 'Why are you saying that?
Well, that's not how I actually feel and now you ruined this relationship.
Its important to note that though I do occasionally hear similar comments from women, it is always in a different context.
I genuinely believe that these men dont jeu coquin sexe realize the implications of these comments.Sad day for.".That they likely assume we would be flattered.699 Views, view More, related Questions, about.Much like other phrases we might take back as women (like the c-word, or "bitch this one simply carries a more loaded meaning when it's spoken by men.It matters what these men see in us (in this case, someone young and cute instead of what we see in ourselves.To refer to me or any other unknown woman as sweetheart says that you believe you have the automatic right to familiarize yourself with.Can I help you to your chair?Im not talking about the men who catcall me on libertine st louis the street or hit on me in bars.I thought he was joking."Via text: 'K' In person: 'I love you too, like a brother/sister.'.Will Farrell said, Sarcasm is the ability to insult stupid people without them realizing.
What am I supposed to say back?

Friends may not always appreciate your wonderful sense of humour, especially if it is at their expense.