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Diana Won a Titan II Shield at the National Fair!
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If you are a member you can help contribute by sharing your links using the.Share, farmVille 2 Link Exchange, working on it now.They originate from FarmVille 2 Official Fan Page, Notifications, Emails other official social media channels, you may have already collected them.3 T19:46:31Z More FarmVille 2 Bonus Links to show, browse by page here: No registration required.2 T19:53:50Z Dianna needs Solar Bulbs!5 T20:31:07Z Ute's racehorses are winning big at the FarmVille Derby!ShareLinks Plugin or by manually posting when you are logged-in.0 T20:50:48Z David needs Solar Bulbs!We are very sorry but we had to shut down the Snag Bar so we can't fetch your feed anymore but you can still post your links manually.2 T20:25:55Z Ute's racehorse just retired!0 T20:06:55Z Dianna earned Legendary at the State Fair.See all Features when your logged.If you need help, please use Facebook comment below this page.0 T21:17:14Z, linda needs Vitamins!4 T20:09:03Z Linda is making rich crafts at the Riverside Crafting Shack.0 T20:40:36Z You too can fire up your furnaces with Kindling and make some top quality crafts!
1 T20:43:46Z David Won a Master III Shield at the National Fair!
1 T20:09:59Z Janet wants to share a Mystery Box!