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Lana is currently helping Supergirl reconnect with humanity and helping Cat Grant after Kara witnessed the murder of her mother and father (Allura and Zor-El) and the mass murder of her entire race by Reactron, Lex Luthor, Sam Lane and Lucy Lane as the superpowered.
With no one to rely on but herself, Lana is also quite driven to pursue her goals.
Corben puts Lana in a choke hold.
Her aunt, Nell Potter, adopted her and gave her a necklace made out of a piece of the meteor that killed her parents in their memory.Lana wore red highlights in her hair for the show's second, third, and fourth season.Although Lana Lang wore a meteor rock necklace for several years, she did not experience any health problems related to meteor rock infection and is likely never to suffer any ill effects from her Kryptonite-irradiated skin, since Lana is no longer a regular human being.Clark suggested that her new powers had somehow altered her brain, however there is no evidence to support this.After Baka returns to the Underworld with Ukur, Lana and Clark escorte convoi exceptionnel moto formation sit down together and after Clark apologizes to her for a fifth time, she tells him that it is okay if he is sad, because they have lost everything they went there for.Lana and Lionel - Details on how they went from being total strangers, to family and to enemies.For a time she was CEO of LexCorp but had her contract terminated by a hologram of Lex Luthor for helping Superman with LexCorp technology.Lana was devastated and turned to Lex for comfort.Jadin Gould as Lana Lang in Man of Steel.She also wears long scarves covering most of her face to cover her identity while acting as a vigilante.Lana chose to defuse the bomb to save Metropolis which devastated Clark.Dean Winters - Details about Lana's uncle through marriage.Months later, Lana communicates with Tess in the Watchtower, using the alias Valkyrie, to inform her about Professor Bryce Gordon, who dug a black diamond in Africa a few days ago and now he seems to be possessed by a dark spirit, which makes him.Lana and Kara currently live in Metropolis in Lana's penthouse apartment in Hammersmith Tower, which overlooks Metropolis.After Lex lost the senatorial race to Jonathan, Lex drunkenly asked Lana what she knew about Clark.Former Powers After undergoing treatment as part of Project Prometheus, Lana was successfully fused with nanotechnology and alien DNA and was granted powers similar to those of Project Ares.
Lana's response is that she had only one, meaning herself being away from Clark.