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5 The generic ont a echanger nos mere 3 ROM images for Mobile.5 are also available as part of the officially distributed and freely downloadable development kit.
Some Pocket PC 2002 devices were also sold as "Phone Editions which included cell phone functionality in addition to the PDA abilities.Prices in 2003 ranged from around US800 for the high-end models, some of which are combined with cell phones, to 200 for low-end models.Bureau de change, a business whose customers exchange one currency for another.One of the more popular high-end consumer-market Pocket PCs was the Dell Axim x51v, which was discontinued in 2007.Foreign-exchange reserves, holdings of other countries' currencies.Pocket PC 2000 featured a mobile version of Microsoft Office, a chief feature being the ability to password-protect Excel files.Foreign exchange market (a.k.a.6 Several phones running Windows Mobile.1 can be updated to Windows Mobile.5.Windows.0 edit Pocket PC 2000 edit Pocket PC 2000 was launched April 2000, and ran Windows.0.No existing hardware was officially supported for a Windows Phone 7 upgrade.Many companies ceased to sell PDA's by because of a declining market.
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