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As the clubs get larger, the clients get younger.Deccan Herald Oct 29, 2010".In the reign of Isabel II (18431868) regulation was introduced, firstly in cities, the Disposiciones de Zaragoza (1845) and the Reglamento para la represión de los excesos de la prostitución en Madrid (1847 followed by the 1848 Penal Code.The standard debates exist as to whether it is work like any other work, or exploitation of women as espoused by groups like Malostratos.What is totally illegal is public solicitation for sex,.e.DE LOS delitos relativoa prostituciÓA corrupciÓN DE menores.A patrol car guarding the entrance of the sprawling Paradise brothel in La Jonquera.Jeune Afrique (in French).Prostitution fits in with this philosophy that demands quick pleasure without consequences or commitments.En la misma pena incurrirá el que se lucre explotando la prostitución de otra persona, aun con el consentimiento de la misma'.23 Plans: Plan Municipal de Intervención ante la Prostitución en el municipio, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Migrant workers edit According to a 2009 tampep study, 90 of sex workers are migrants.
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